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pride is common amongst a tight knit community. at SHAMANA CIRCLE, we are exactly that. a community full of pride. when our founder Nat conceptualized our space the first images that came to mind were Dia de los Muertos and the cycle of our beautiful moon.

we are all equal, in death and under the same sky. we have all experienced and lived generational trauma, struggle and dis-ease. this symbol is of oneness with each other. it is the recognition of commitment to yourself, your healing journey and all of the benefits your practice has afforded you. it is also the recognition of the commitment and sacrifice in others for the same cause: self care, realisation, growth and fulfilment. you are making a change, seeing the fruits of your labour and are a reflection of every lesson learned on your mat.
revel in it. you deserve it.

the ask is

100 classes

in this time we hope you discover how to shed your layers of pain, hurt and trauma. we hope you learn how to stand in your power. we hope you learn to see in yourself in order to see in others. we are all equal.

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