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Hamilton, Bermuda

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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.


directions + helpful hints

directions: located in the light blue building above spinnakers, between the beach and bolero brasserie, just east of chancery lane. enter via the glass door to the left (when facing the building) of spinnakers.

parking: #1 car shed across from HSBC, #5 car shed beside pier 6, reid street, front street, supermart, or the lot beside island trading.

helpful information: we are a 3rd story walk up, without an elevator. if you are attending BABY + ME using a baby carrier is the easiest way to get to us! we have a water cooler, change room and 2 bathrooms (without showers). we have mats + props for use. our studio is not heated.

observed public holidays 2024

the SHAMANA crew

Nat Flood

founder & creative director

Barre certified by Exhale
MISFITMETHOD pilates mat + reformer
diastasis recti specialist
birth doula


after a traumatic labour and birth, Nat’s passion for creating a movement space dedicated to healing took over. with teaching experience spanning 2 decades, she knew Bermuda and specifically the prenatal + postpartum body could benefit from her ability.

as a little girl, her first love was the creative freedom of dance, then as an adult it was the spirituality of yoga + finally after an injury, the structure of pilates. you can expect to find spirit and deep consideration of your body in Nat’s classes.

if attention to detail is your thing, you will find your heart here.

my story

Renée Oliveira

partner & COO

Ren passionately believes in the therapeutic power of movement. Stepping away from law afforded her the space and time to evolve both as a movement practitioner and advocate. certified as a yoga teacher in 2020, Ren dove in with both feet and joined SHAMANA CIRCLE in 2022 as a partner and Cheif Operations Officer.

Ren's dream is to play an active role in wellness education in Bermuda. she hopes to lead by example and transform our community with accessible movement and support services. she loves to hold space for the SHAMANA team and SHAMANA clients along their personal journeys.

Ness Ferdinand

social media manager
creative witch


our born and bred east Londoner
artist/songwriter and recording artist and all things creative.

much customer service experience from working many fast paced flagship stores in central London

keen eye for details
approachable smile and gentle voice
always ready to help and
happy to do so

Cammii Horrell

head teacher
Barre certified by Exhale
Sound Embrace 200 hours


growing up with dance being her first love, movement has always had a special place in Cammii’s heart.

Cammii began her teaching journey in 2017. after struggling with her mental health since she was a teenager, teaching led her down the path of self healing. Cammii decided to travel the world, invest in multiple trainings, retreats, and lots of self study. the energy she brings into a room is unmatched. dedicated to growth and evolution as a person and as an instructor, you can expect some sweetness, some spice, and everything nice in her classes.

“because of the things i teach and practice, i believe whole heartedly that it has made the biggest changes to my life. i hope the positive effects of my work will light your mind, body and soul on fire. “

Bec Cottingham

director of prenatal
prenatal yoga
birth + postpartum doula


while working a job she didn’t like, and suffering from deep depression, Bec’s yoga journey truly began. her passion for yoga made space for an organic desire for connection to the self and to others, something she had been missing for a long time.

from the beginning Bec was intuitively driven to learn how to serve women, and nurtured her passion by obtaining her prenatal yoga and birth doula qualifications. the essence of every class with Bec is is cultivating self love and acceptance.

her classes will feel nurturing. a true mama bear, Bec is someone who always protects and guides her tribe. don’t tell her we told you this, but she sings beautifully too.

Shaela Godfrey

currently on vacation
RYT300 (in progress)
holistic wellness coach


Shaela’s movement journey began the day SHAMANA opened her doors. if you are looking for a fairy tale, this girl can tell it. while working a job she didn’t love, Shaela kept the space beautiful in exchange for classes.

she spent so much time taking class and learning, she became Nat’s apprentice and sat through the first SHAMANA method teacher training. a natural teacher, Shaela caught on quickly and studied through her yoga teacher training online.

a regular on our schedule, Shaela is constantly creating accessible programming for everybody and heads up our community class program. you can expect a grounded, womanly approach to your class in a safe and nurturing environment. Shaela embodies true self acceptance and grace; we are here for it

Ewa Gutowska

life coach


Ewa was introduced to yoga ten years ago and it saved her life. she has gone through a tremendous amount of life transitions, and yoga has always been her anchor, assisting her through life's greatest challenges.  her love for yoga philosophy, self-inquiry, personal growth and development allowed her to create a deep connection to her Self and her Spirit. when she heard the call to service, she answered in a big way.

most recently qualified as a life coach, Ewa is an E-RYT 500, trauma informed educator that always brings a challenging yet centering movement class every time. she invites you to explore all of the edges of your Self, with courage, guidance and life lessons during her practices. you can expect to feel seen, held and connected after a journey with her.

Beth Bicchieri

Personal Trainer
Barre certified by Exhale


Growing up with dance and sports, movement has always been a central aspect in Beth’s life. In college, Beth discovered her love of yoga, barre + pilates. Because of this, she is a huge proponent of catharsis and expression through whatever movement or activity most aligns with you.

In the way that Bermuda always does, she was called back in 2021, and was able to marry her love of all of her movement modalities by becoming both a barre and group fitness teacher.
Beth feels most alive when moving, it's her goal to gift that feeling and experience to others.

‘I'm so excited for the opportunity to join the shamana team and to learn all I can from such wonderful teachers

Tamsyn Doran

Art of Vinyasa


Welcome Tamsyn, one of Shamana Circles very own home grown Yogis. Proud Mother, Mover and Prenatal enthusiast, Tam has a zest for all things movement. Her joy is infectious and you just can't help but feel nurtured in her presence. Whether leading yoga or prenatal movement, you will love her soft touch, matching sets and streamlined style. Ever ready to welcome with her kind smile and calming style, Join her on your mats soon.

Charlotte Moniz

Art of Vinyasa


Charlotte has always been eager and curious in her search for meaning and growth. She discovered her real passion for yoga after giving birth to her beautiful daughter 6 years ago. She quickly fell in love with the discipline and control yoga requires, both physically and mentally. Charlotte is a registered RYT with Yoga Alliance after training in-house at our Shamana Circle home. Over time, Charlotte’s practice unfolded and continues to evolve with daily practice and new routines resulting in her unique style and soft, gentle nurturing environment.

Charlotte practices yoga to remind herself that nothing is permanent and that we are always capable of growth.

Join Charlotte on her mat to breathe, move and discover the transformation of power yoga together.