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prenatal movement teacher training

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SHAMANA METHOD MAMABODY TEACHER TRAINING, accredited with Yoga Alliance and the Canadian Yoga Alliance, will expand your mind, instil confidence and create limitless possibilites for your pregnant clients.

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80 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training


this 80 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher designation with Yoga Alliance and Canadian Yoga Alliance, will give you practical tools to lead effective and memorable group and private classes. we pride ourselves on being able to deliver functional anatomy and clear hands on adjustment skills and partner work, prenatal theory and postures, biomechanical exercises and techniques, holding space and helping you understand the importance of movement during pregnancy.

our prenatal teacher training was created after decades of research, true understanding of birthing in Bermuda and with the hope that we can demystify many of the complex elements that pertain to the prenatal body. you will learn effective cueing, layering and use of props to enhance movements, and will walk away with a much deeper understanding of the female pelvis and all of its important components, no matter which way your client chooses to birth.

meet your teacher

Nat Flood


founder + creative director of SHAMANA CIRCLE, Nat is bringing more than a decade of prenatal and postpartum movement experience into her MAMABODY Teacher Training. this empowering course will bring you one step closer to facilitating a dynamic prenatal or postpartum movement class. built on the principles of yoga, pilates and developmental kinesiology, Nat has created a fluid, strong and impactful movement class for birthing bodies. build confidence, awareness and determination in all of your birthing and postpartum clients. they
deserve it.

our why

we are dedicated to bringing you the most current information in the birthing and movement world. our founding partner, Nat, opened SHAMANA CIRCLE striving to create a community of mothers who craved healing. after suffering a traumatic birth experience, Nat had a long road recovering mentally and physically. it took support, education and a community of people to move beyond the experience. since then, the way she teaches prenatal and postpartum bodies has changed drastically for the better. her next birth experience was the most empowering time of her life and it was due to following the program at SHAMANA CIRCLE. the most important part of the program is giving the knowledge to others. this work is the litteral back bone of our studio. and we can't wait to share it with you.

from our graduates


Nat is AMAZING! Love her! She is so inspiring and I can't wait to take another course with her. The course was presented in a very clear way. It was incredibly engaging and interesting along every step of the way.

Tamsyn Doran
Hamiton, BM

Natalie is very passionate and knowledgeable not only about the physical movement that mamas do during pregnancy, but the overall emotional health of the mama, which is often overlooked. And, as a doula, she has seen a lot of different birthing scenarios and so can safely "swaddle" a mama during her pregnancy.

Jesse Herrick
Hamilton, BM

You absolutely know your stuff Nat and have honed your power as a presenter and teacher. The opening meditation was a powerful tool to personalise the experience. Lots of useful information and contacts on the birthing scene in Bermuda and placing what happens here in the context of other countries and the real life stories were very interesting to listen to. Thank you, I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn this from you.

Niranjalie Romeo
Hamilton, BM

Wasn't sure what to expect, but it was so relevant not only for pregnant women but bodies and movement as a whole. Nat did a great job teaching and imparting personal experiences.

Clare Dominguez
Hamilton, BM

Overall feedback of the course is great... it truly opened my eyes to so much I didn't know about the woman's body, what it tis capable of and how natural birth should be. Nat, you delivered the content so naturally and comfortably, I was very impressed. Thank you!!

Ewa Gutowska
Hamilton, BM